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Katy Tang - District 4

Katy Tang
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was appointed by San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee to serve on the Board of Supervisors as the District 4 representative in February 2013, and then elected in November 2013.

As District 4 Supervisor, Katy has worked on a number of issues to improve the quality of life for residents. She spearheaded the first ever district-wide strategic planning effort, called the Sunset District Blueprint, to identify short-term and long-term initiatives to improve the neighborhood; introduced legislation unanimously adopted by the Board of Supervisors to provide our city with additional enforcement tools over massage establishments serving as potential fronts for human trafficking; launched the city’s first Front Yard Ambassador Program to assist residents with front yard landscaping installations and to divert 30,000 gallons of rainwater from the city’s sewer system in the first phase of the program; and initiated efforts with the Planning Department to identify land use opportunity sites with the Sunset District to address the city’s housing challenges.

Katy is a member of the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking, where she works with city agencies and partners to end human trafficking through education, outreach, advocacy, and supporting human trafficking survivors. She also works closely with the Ocean Beach Master Plan steering committee, where she has been engaging with city agencies and partners to implement recommendations for a more sustainable future on San Francisco’s Pacific Coast.

Katy previously served as Supervisor Carmen Chu’s Legislative Aide for over five years, drafting legislation to create neighborhood commercial districts for District Four business corridors, increasing protections for victims of domestic violence, streamlining complex City contracting processes, facilitating prompt payment to City contractors, and instituting increased penalties for crimes committed in and around public transit.
As Legislative Aide, Katy served as an adviser on policy issues before the Board of Supervisors, analyzed legislation, served as lead staff in developing the City’s first two-year budget that balanced a $6.8 billion annual City budget and closed budget shortfalls of $380 million, and worked with District Four neighbors and businesses to implement community improvement projects, including the completion of a pilot Storefront Improvement Project on Noriega and Taraval streets that improved 15 neighborhood businesses and created a model for small businesses citywide. Katy also spearheaded efforts to assist small businesses in complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, helping to create access for all San Franciscans while also protecting businesses.

Katy also served in Mayor Gavin Newsom’s administration in the Office of Public Policy & Finance where she led neighborhood involvement efforts in the development of the City’s first Community Justice Center, in addition to her work assisting with development of the City’s budget.



湯凱蒂- 第4區市參事


湯凱蒂曾擔任前市参事朱嘉文的立法助理超過五年。在此期間,她負責編寫一系列的立法草案,當中包括為第4區商業走廊設立鄰里商務區、 為家庭暴力受害者增加保護、簡化市府複雜的契約過程、 加快支付市府的承包商、以及增加在公共交通設施內以及其周圍的犯罪處罰。

作為立法助理,湯凱蒂曾為市参事委員擔任政策顧問以及為法案進行分析。另外,她領導其他同僚設計了市府首個為期兩年的財務預算以平衡68億美元的市府年度預算, 並結束了3億8千萬美元的預算赤字。

此外,她和第4區的居民及商戶實施各種改善社區的計劃,其中包括完成了一個在 Taraval街 和Noriega 街的美化店面試驗計劃。此計劃不但讓15家商戶因而受惠,而且更成為全三藩市小商業的模範。


湯凱蒂也曾在市長紐森(Gavin Newsom)的任期內為公共政策與金融辦公室服務,她領導社區各界的參與以發展了三藩市首個社區司法中心 。


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