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Menu Surcharge Can Be Misleading
By Ben Worthen | Wall Street Journal | 09/22/2011
One Market, the popular Michelin-starred restaurant in San Francisco's Financial District, adds a 4% surcharge to bills that it tells customers it is collecting to help comply with a 2008 city law requiring businesses to provide health benefits for workers...

SF Supe, School and Transit Advocates To Rally For Free Muni Passes For Kids
By Dan McMenamin | Bay City News | 09/20/2011
San Francisco Supervisor David Campos will join school and transit advocates today to call for free San Francisco Municipal Railway passes for students...

Wage Theft a Scourge for Low-Income Workers
By John Coté | San Francisco Chronicle | 07/18/2011
John Li Shuang Li waited tables six days a week in a San Francisco Chinatown restaurant where workers were yelled at for carrying only one pot of tea in each hand...

Competition for S.F.'s Garbage a Good Thing
By C.W. Nevius | San Francisco Chronicle | 02/12/2011
It isn't often that we applaud the Board of Supervisors for a delay, but this is the exception. On Wednesday the Budget and Finance Committee delayed a decision on the 10-year, $112 million contract with the local trash company Recology for as long as two months...

Supes, Community Orgs Gather To Encourage Students To Get Loans For School
By Bay City News | SF Appeal | 02/08/11
City officials, students, parents and community organization staff members gathered on the steps at San Francisco's City Hall Tuesday morning to launch "Financial Aid Awareness Week," which aims to educate people about grants and loans for students from low-income families and first-generation college students.
Lyon-Martin Remains Open, but Future is Uncertain
By Seth Hemmelgarn | Bay Area Reporter | 02/03/2011
Lyon-Martin Health Services, the San Francisco-based clinic that provides health care to women and transgender people regardless of their ability to pay, will stay open for now...

SF Supes Urge Free Muni Passes for Poor Youth
By Aaron Bialick, SF Streetsblog | The Bay Citizen | 01/31/2011
A growing number of low-income youth who depend on public transit in San Francisco are finding it harder to afford the trip to class, but a resolution introduced by Supervisor David Campos last week could pave the way toward providing free Muni passes for the rest of the school year to thousands of students who are regular Muni riders...
Golden Gate Bridge to Eliminate Toll Takers
By Michael Cabanatuan | SF Chronicle | 01/29/11
When the Golden Gate Bridge begins collecting all tolls electronically in 2012, the move will bring changes beyond the obvious benefits of reducing backups for drivers and saving the bridge district millions of dollars...
Supes Call for Muni Audit
By Joshua Sabatini | San Francisco Examiner | 02/17/10
Muni’s operation is coming under tough scrutiny by members of the Board of Supervisors, who are calling for an audit of the cash-strapped transit agency as it considers charging more for rides and service cuts...
Muni’s Outside Costs Assailed by Officials
By Will Reisman | San Francisco Examiner | 02/14/10
A study to be released next month details how the Municipal Transportation Agency can save $2 million in contracting from other city departments, billing that’s again raising fire from lawmakers...
Garfield Pool Still Awaiting Repairs
By Kamala Kelker | San Francisco Examiner | 02/12/10
Hundreds of high school students are learning their backstrokes without water this year because the Recreation and Park Department has to secure $75,000 to fix the cracked lining of Garfield Pool. And Supervisor David Campos is questioning the delay...
Campos Demands Hearings on Juvenile Policy
By Rigoberto Hernandez | Mission Local | 02/10/10
Supervisor David Campos has called for public hearings about the Juvenile Probation Department's refusal to implement an ordinance that would relax the city's policy on when to report youth to immigration...
311 Pushed as Tenant Complaint Hotline
By Joshua Sabatini | San Francisco Examiner | 01/26/10
Supervisor David Campos introduced legislation Tuesday to inform SRO residents about the use of The City’s 311 information hotline as a tenant complaint hotline...
With the Municipal Transportation Agency preparing to send hundreds of workers packing and MTA staff advocating for fare hikes and service cuts, Supervisor David Campos has a different idea...
Officials Gearing Up For This Year's Census
By Bay City News | 01/04/10
The effort to mobilize an accurate 2010 national census came to San Francisco today...
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